Princess Crown PS4 PKG

Princess Crown PS4


Game Title : Princess Crown Release Year : January 31, 2020 Genre action : RPG Publisher : Atlus Platform : [ps4] Image Format : PKG Game Version : 1.01 Language : Japanese Required firmware : Compatible 7.02 Multiplayer : no Age rating : 10+

Game Overview

Princess Crown is a two-dimensional (2D) side-scrolling action role-playing game where the player takes control of four different characters across multiple scenarios. The game world is navigated using linear paths connecting towns and dungeons. During exploration in towns, characters can purchase items using gold attained from battles. Among the items present are seeds which can be planted to yield ingredients which can be used to restore character health. Ingredients can also be cooked and turned into meals which offer a greater health boost to characters. Like in the fairy tale world, gamers play the lead character, a curious and righteous princess with a nose for exploration. All the characters, including the enemies are presented in a highly detailed and adorable appearance, with every movement revealing unique beauty, dazzling the gamers. In this world, you must defeat the fire dragon, rescue unicorns, drive out greedy spirits, gather mermaid’s tears and succeed on various other strange missions. All these to support the little princess to uncover the mysteries and plots in this fantasy world. Battle scenes cannot be left out in an RPG. This title uses a one-on-one 2D battle model. Controls for the little princess (black swordsman, little witch, pirate) are simple, requiring only 3 buttons (attach, dodge, weapons) and the direction pad to execute all the colourful and rich movements. During battle, gamers can also use the wizard staff to transform the enemies into small animals, or the ice-fire-thunder dust and various other magical items, as well as medicine to improve one’s resistance or self-made formula to recover one’s energy.


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